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5 Reasons To Consider Using A Property Manager


Chances are you have enough “to do” items on your daily checklist. If you’d like to avoid weekend maintenance calls and handle collecting monthly rental, let us handle the details and manage your investment. Here are five ways we can help create less stress and more freedom for you:

1) Tenant Screening: All potential tenants go through a complete application process, including financial ability, past rental references, eviction and criminal background check. This  helps ensure we are placing the best qualified tenants, which in the long run can mean less issues and longer term residents.

2) Effective marketing: Let us do the number crunching and suggest the best possible price for your property and use our resources to market to potential tenants. Each property will be evaluated and we will create a plan that best fits your property.

3) Rent collection: Rental properties are a great way to create a steady revenue stream. Let us save you time and energy by managing the collection of rent each month.

4) Maintenance and repair issues: In today’s world, constant accessibility and timely responses are general expectations. We have trusted partners on-call to handle any repairs and allow you more freedom.

5) Shorter vacancy periods: Reliable, quality tenants can mean longer-term tenants. Our company is built on integrity and a positive management-tenant relationship will build trust and help ensure a high occupancy rate.